Broncolor has announced a new series of HMI, ballast and four new parabolic reflectors that they are calling the FT System. “The brand new FT system augments broncolor’s existing range of continuous lights and parabolic reflectors with an impressive and unique solution that combines luminous intensity, adaptability and easy handling. The centerpieces of this system are the new basic kits, which are available as daylight or halogen versions. Additionally, four matching paras with all accessories are also obtainable.”
Broncolor is particularly proud of the adaptability and handling of the new system. According to them, it can be completely set up or rearranged within a matter of minutes and a few simple steps: Position the reflectors, put in the focusing bar, add the burner unit at the front and the lamp head, before connecting it to the electronic ballast unit at the other end – and that’s it.
42.118.00-06 HMI FT1600 Basic kit
The daylight version (HMI FT1600), which delivers 1600 watt, can be dimmed without losing color consistency, making it the perfect complement for both flash and daylight. The light is absolutely flicker-free and ideal for high-speed imagery. The light quality is excellent – impressing with an extremely high CRI value of 95+. The halogen version (Tungsten FT2000) delivers 2000 watt. For additional variations, the FT bar (for HMI or halogen light) can be replaced with an F bar for the application of flash lights. The parabolic reflectors can be used with all Broncolor lamps, and with the help of a special adapter, many other manufacturer’s products too.
A total of four new parabolic reflectors (Paras 88 HR, 133 HR, 177 and 222) are available for this system, with the two smaller versions being especially developed for the new FT system. Like the two established sizes, which are presented in newly compiled kits, they are made out of a particularly heat-resisting fabric. All four paras share the unique light characteristics, which have always been a trademark of all broncolor products. Additionally, creating the perfect light for every desired mood can be easily accomplished by simply repositioning the burner unit.
33.483.06 Para 88 HR Kit without adapter 33.550.06 Para 133 HR Kit without adapter 33.551.03 Para 177 Kit without adapter 33.552.03 Para 222 FT Kit without adapter
The FT system’s market launch is scheduled for September 2015. We were not given a pricing list at this time, but will keep you updated as soon as we get more information. For a full product spec sheet, click here.