Join Topher Scott, fashion and interior photographer, on a trip behind the scenes at one of his shoots. Watch how Capture One Pro 8 makes a difference for Topher’s workflow by letting him maximize his time and collaborate creatively with his clients.

As some of you may know from following the Phase One blog and emails, Topher regularly serves as a digital tech for the talented campaign beauty photographer Sarah Silver.



Recently Phase One asked Topher to do a blog post about his own workflow and he decided a video would be the best way to show how he photographs interiors using Capture One Pro 8.

The perfect challenge

For this particular production, Topher partnered with his favorite interior design brand, Viyet; the online destination for nearly new furniture finds from top designers.

When they started looking at production dates, Viyet was about to launch its very first pop-up shop at the FLOR store in SoHo, New York.




This turned out to be the perfect challenge for Topher and Capture One Pro 8: an intimate space with two uniquely designed interior concepts — and of course, not enough hours in the day.

Watch how Topher and Capture One Pro 8 handled this perfect challenge

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