You flip open your laptop. Then, you open Lightroom, and push your micro SD card into its slot. “Damn,” you think. “These shots look great.” But you’ll never know just how great they really look. They will never leave your 13-inch screen. And for many, myself included, this routine is nothing out of the ordinary.

Today, we’re approaching approaching 1 trillion photos published online, with trillions more stored on hard drives and cloud platforms. If you were to print and stack each image uploaded on Instagram every 37 minutes, it would reach the top of the Empire State Building. Needless to say, digital technology has conquered the way we view and perceive imagery. But is it for the better? I would say yes; the future is here, innovation is endless. Though that doesn’t mean a printed image isn’t timeless in its own right—an elegance many of us have lost sight of.


© WhiteWall

When I first encountered WhiteWall—a new German-based online printing company—at WPPI this past year, I was captivated by their displays. Thing is, as someone who entered the industry well past the days of film, I easily forget the beauty of a print. But all of this changed when I found WhiteWall. And I couldn’t help but place an order myself.

If you visit Whitewall’s online photo lab, you may, at first, be a bit overwhelmed. With choices of printing on acrylic, aluminum, canvas, HD metal, matte acrylic and paper, to name a few, choosing the perfect material isn’t easy. My suggestion: request a sample. It’s totally worth the wait.

And yet, perhaps the freshest aspect of Whitewall, aside from the prints themselves, is the fusion of technology and print. Its web platform is intuitive, functional and smooth, while you can integrate pre-installed lightweight, aluminum mounting options. Additionally, the company’s most notable products include the aluminum art box, alongside the acrylic box, which gives viewers a sort of 3D look into the frame.

After WPPI, I flew home to New York. But after a week of new gear releases and Vegas immorality, my memory hindered. So I headed to the LUMAS New York gallery in SoHo—a space that displays Whitewall products—for a closer look. This was just before I placed my first order. And now, I will never forget the beauty of a printed image. Especially with a 32 x 18.5 inch acrylic glass print on my wall.