F-Stop Gear, makers of some of the most inventive adventure packs out there, have just revealed their 2015 backpack collection. After a few hiccups with their website (which appears to have crashed thanks to a huge influx of traffic), we were treated to their four new bag designs: the Ajna, Tilopa, Sukha and Shinn.

F-Stop in Iceland


Designed to accommodate rigged and rodded RED setups

F-Stop in the Snow

Ray Demski with Aloe Tilopa on a job in Austria

All the bags below are built with a totally redesigned exterior that is super water resistant, making rain covers pretty unnecessary. That same material is also super-tough, allowing it to survive brushes with the environment and avoid tears.

Bag in Heavy Downpour

Jeremy Koreski with the Sukha in Aloe

The entire Mountain Series lineup features a full, fine-tune suspension system that protects and tightens your load while also providing what F-Stop promises to be “unprecedented all-day comfort and mobility.” They also have a new harness system and are available in four new colors, but the one you’ll see the most of in their videos below is going to be the bright orange.

Ajna- $229

The Ajna is F-Stop’s smallest and lightest of the new bags, and the successor to one of my favorite bags, the Loka. The agile welterweight of the Mountain Series range, the Ajna is a daypack for active users needing optimal balance and mobility. With 40 liters of low-profile storage and carry-on compliant size, the Ajna is the perfect travel companion for any destination shooter.

Ajna_Nasturtium-FrontAngle Ajna_Nasturtium-RearAngle

Tilopa- $259

What F-Stop describes as their marquee all-rounder and the most rugged of the Mountain Series, the Tilopa works well for multi-day trips and short day hikes off the beaten path. With H-frame ski straps and attachment points for backcountry equipment, the Tilopa is suitable for even the most hardcore of outdoor professionals.

Tilopa_Nasturtium-FrontAngle Tilopa_Nasturtium-RearAngle Tilopa_Nasturtium-RearWBackPanelOpen

Sukha- $299

With 70 liters of internal storage and a plethora of outside expansion capabilities, the Sukha is the ultimate multi-day photo backpack. Designed with the long lens shooter in mind, the Sukha can safely carry most super-telephoto lenses when combined with the Master Tele ICU.

Sukha_Nasturtium-FrontAngle Sukha_Nasturtium-RearAngle

Shinn- $399

Specifically designed to haul large camera setups, the 80L Shinn is the largest camera bag F-Stop has ever created. Co-developed with a specialized dual access ICU, the Shinn’s full size suspension system and all-weather shell combines for a package fully capable of long adventures deep into the backcountry.

Shinn Camera Bag



These backpacks, each of them, look spectacular. I was already a fan of their Loka, but looking at the improvements to the system is making me lust for a new pack. The insane water resistance, the tear-proof material, the new harness system, it all sounds like exactly what I want when I’m in for the long haul with a pack on my back. For more information on their new line, make sure to head over to Fstopgear.com.