During Friday morning’s ATAP session at Google I/O, the company revealed a functioning prototype of its Project Ara module smartphone.

Google Engineer Rafa Camargo fiddled with the highly anticipated device on stage, eventually snapping a photo of the audience with the phone, which is currently running off of the latest version of the Android. The presentation reportedly floored many onlookers with its unique DIY assemblage and function.

However, what seemed to be the most shocking aspect for attendees was—when assembled—Project Ara’s snap-in camera feature. According to Gizmodo, Camargo—after toying around with the device, transforming it into a portable speaker—said, “So, let’s take a picture.” Upon assembling it—once again—Camargo emerged with a subtly different device, one with a camera.

This being Project ARA’s first time showcasing its camera feature, it—surprisingly enough—captured a seamless photo, all while being hooked up within seconds.

Although the team behind Project Ara has released no information regarding its official release date or potential changes to the device, its introduction was by far enough to truly showcase the power a modular mobile device with replaceable parts.

Watch a demo of the Project Ara prototype captured in 2014.

[via Gizmodo]

[Featured image © Maurizio Pesce via Flickr]