Google has unveiled Google Photos today at I/O 2015, a totally independent way to store all your photos with no limits. That’s right, it’s not connected to Google+ (thank goodness) and it also works on videos. According to VentureBeat, “Google is declaring that Google Photos lets you backup and store ‘unlimited, high-quality photos and videos, for free.’ All of Google’s various photo offerings had storage limits based on your Google account (Gmail, Google Drive, and Google+).”

That’s right, unlimited and free.

Google Photos Unlimited Storage and Free

Aside from the already impressive free unlimited storage, Google Photos also automatically organizes shots and groups them automatically making tagging obsolete (hopefully). It also has a new assistant feature called “Auto Awesome” where all you have to do is “swipe to the left, and the app will suggest new collages and stories made with your photos and videos. After previewing the creation, you can choose to keep, edit, or discard it.”

As a bonus, because it doesn’t rely on linking to Google+, it comes baked in with all the sharing features on every other popular social network. Nice.

Google Photos Sharing Gif

This is incredibly awesome, and we’re super happy to see something like this out of Google. It has all the features we want, at the price that will speak change for the storage industry, without all the bogged down garbage that normally holds down great ideas like this. Well done Google!

[Via VentureBeat]