Tommaso Maiocchi’s passion for producing photographs has evolved greatly since his initial incursion into the world of photography back in 1996. Today, he is among the very best practitioners of timelapse photography. In an industry where everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon of the latest fad, his work easily stands out and belongs to an exclusive club of great timelapse photographers.

The Beauty of Sweden and Norway – A Timelapse Journey

Tommaso’s first time-lapse movie is already a sign of great things to come. Shot during his summer jaunt in Norway and Sweden, a staggering 11,000 photographs were taken from a  Nikon D7000 camera interchanging between two lenses: Nikkor 16-85 and Nikkor 70-300, a DIY slider, MX2 Controller, Walimex pro AE 14 and three tripods.


The American Southwest – A Timelapse Journey

Tommaso’s second timelapse video takes us to the vast settings of the American Southwest, where nature and the small population blends perfectly to create a surreal setting where the environment takes center stage more than any many man-made structures of the big cities. Travel virtually to the Grand Canyon and other National Parks as Tommaso’s patience in selecting and shooting his images will make you pack your backpack and set forth on an actual trip to these places he so aptly captured.


Winter in Lofoten

“The sun rises and covers the landscape in a soft pink light. The rugged cliffs cast a long shadow. Winter has the island under control. The snowy mountains tower above the frozen fjords. The streets are empty and just a few tourists are en route. The sun is shining. The turquoise water is glittering in the sun. The day is marked by unpredictable weather changes. Quick rages the snow and the sea is stirred up by the storm.” writes Tommaso on his Vimeo video as he describes the scenes he captured while making this time-lapse video set in the cold Nordic archipelago of Lofoten in Nordland, Norway. The Northern Lights and everything magical are all rendered beautifully in this video. Using a cadre of camera and lenses that includes a Nikon D7100, Nikon D610, Nikkor 14-24 mm 1:2,8, Sigma 18-35mm 1:1,8, Nikkor 16–85 mm 1:3,5–5,6G, Walimex Pro 14mm 1:2,8, Nikkor 50mm 1:2,8 makes the finished video all worth it carrying all that heavy photographic equipment – in a freezing environment I might add.


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