On this podcast we talk a lot about mobile photography because let’s face it: it’s a big deal. With each passing day we see better and better tech being integrated into our phones, especially in digital imaging. Last week saw a second Bentley commercial/documentary published that was shot entirely on iPhone 6 and 6+, which led to a conversation about where that device as a camera fits in as a medium. We also go over why you should care about the new RODE VideoMic Pro, the Panasonic G7 and discuss how being a photojournalist isn’t the best occupation if you are planning to have a family.

rewrap podcast episode 13


RODE has a new VideoMic Pro
Panasonic has the new G7
The second iPhone Bentley Commercial and…
BTS: The Bespoke Driving Jacket
USC’s #SelfieClass explores what photos of yourself say about self-image
Photojournalism is not a career for those looking to have a family