The stunning travel photos shared on 500px have helped inspire the bucket lists of countless people around the world.  Company founder Evgeny Tchebotarev’s recent images from Iceland should make the picture perfect European nation move to the top of those lists, especially for photographers.

Tchebotarev’s love for photography manifested into one of the most used photography websites in the industry today. But through all the success, meetings, and working weekends, Tchebotarev hasn’t lost his passion for the art that has spurred his successful career as Founder and Chief Photography Officer.

Earlier this year, Tchebotarev began noticing a large number of images from Iceland landing at the top of 500px’s popular page. To his surprise, all of these images seemed to belong to an artist named Iurie Belegurschi, co-founder of the popular website Guide To Iceland and photography tour leader at Iceland Photo Tours. In his 8 years in Iceland since leaving his native home of Moldova, Belegurschi has become known to landscape photographers as “Mr. Iceland”. From exploring ice caves to hovering over an erupting volcano, Belegurschi has shown his viewers a side of Iceland that they didn’t know existed.

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© Iurie Belegurschi


© Iurie Belegurschi


Tchebotarev knew that there could be a collaboration project brewing, so he reached out to Belegurschi about working on a 500px Iceland Tour. Being a constant user of 500px, Belegurschi happily agreed. In April, Tchebortarev flew into the northern European island and the team set out on 7 days of exploration. The scenes they brought back are beautiful, and serve as a reminder why Iceland is on the bucket list of every landscape photographer in the world.

Below is a collection of images from Tchebotarev. For more, visit him on 500px.


500px Iceland 10

500px Iceland 1
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