With the new release of Photoshop CC 2015 bringing a bunch of awesome new features, it unfortunately brought a not so awesome bug I’ve discovered specifically involving the healing brush tool. Myself, as a retoucher, needs this tool more than anything and whatever Adobe did to make the tool work faster (which was great), also… kind of broke it (not great). Basically, what happens is when you’re using the healing brush, you get an outline around where you applied it brush that almost looks like salt. The effect gets worse the further you zoom out causing your image to look like someone was clumsy at the dinner table, but on your photo.

For example, look at the first photo which is the exported final of what Photoshop does with the white pixels. It’s not just a display issue while working in Photoshop, the “salt” look is having an effect on exported jpeg as well. Look closely at the dark areas on the left and right. In the second photo, that’s a screenshot of the working file in Photoshop and will show you where exactly the exported jpeg has problems.


Photoshop CC 2015 Healing Brush Bug Salt-Like Pixel Artifacts Appearing

Photoshop CC 2015 Healing Brush Bug Salt-Like Pixel Artifacts Appearing


For a closer look, here is a quick screen shot provided by my friend Nader in addition to the video above so you can see it a tad better:


Photoshop CC 2015 Healing Brush Bug Salt-Like Pixel Artifacts Appearing


I’m really hoping Adobe fixes this soon, as there are tools in CC 2015 I would love to use. Currently there is a temporary fix for this which is simple, but not ideal. You need to merge all the layers into one, which helps, but it’s not perfect. Check out the video above to see for yourself.

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Chris Lambeth is a Phoenix Arizona based photographer specializing in fashion, beauty and editorial work as well as high end retouching. He has worked with multiple international clients including Maxim and Elle Magazine. He eats way too much pizza and sleeps an average of 1 hour per night.


  • David J. Crewe

    Wow, that’s absolutely terrible on Adobe’s part! But i’m assuming this isn’t happening to everyone? Perhaps a fresh install is needed? I was using PSCC2015 this weekend and haven’t had any issues?

  • Jaymes Poudrier

    Disable the GPU enhancements globally and try. 🙂

  • Warren Bernard

    This happens to me even in previous versions when I am healing on top of or close to a feathered area. For eg. an area that has been cloned on with a feathered brush. Just create a new blank layer, and heal on that, then merge down when done. Unless this is a different issue?

  • Could be a problem with the GPU, or GPU settings. As suggested disable GPU in the preferences and try or also set it to “Basic” preset and try. I don’t remember seeing this problem myself, but GPU issues are known problem since there are so many different drivers and GPU’s out there. Usually setting the “basic” preset in preferences solves it. If I’m not mistaken Adobe has added GPU acceleration to content aware features, so that would explain the GPU + healing problems if the GPU is not compatible on some level.

  • Nick

    I have this exact problem. I huge step back and as a retoucher makes this release unusable.

  • Nick West

    It is happening to a lot of users, those that think they don’t have an issue should take a closer look, a lot of users who don’t necessarily have the ‘salt lines’ issue have reported very poor performance from the healing brush stating that it now functions more like the clone stamp.

    I submitted the issue to Adobe here:

    Please go and ‘me too’ this if you are experiencing similar problems.

  • Donald Gray II

    Killer job with the retouching. I noticed this issue as well and I’ll be reverting back to CC 2014. I hope Adobe fixes it soon!