Earlier this month we told you that we think EyeFi’s cloud is the best bet for pros right now, with features that are outclassing competitors like Amazon Prime and Google Photos. Well, today their influence got a little bit more… influential with a partnership with Microsoft. Eyefi Cloud is now available for Windows phones, so now the millions thousands two hundred Windows phone users can take pictures with both their digital cameras and Windows phone and have all those pictures automatically organized altogether and available to share instantly (I kid about the number of Windows phones out there, but c’mon. No one uses Windows Phones).

“Eyefi has pioneered digital photography, mobile apps and services, and we are pleased to offer its solution to our millions of Windows mobile phone customers,” said Chris Bernard, Partner Evangelist at Microsoft Corp. “Now our customers have instant access to their entire collection of photographs right on their Windows phone so they can enjoy and share them whenever and wherever they want.” 


Eyefi, the modern photographer’s companion, is the only solution that works from the moment a picture is captured — automatically organizing, classifying and syncing photos regardless of what camera was used to take them. With Eyefi, anyone can experience the satisfaction of finding and sharing pictures from all their cameras without having to wait. The app leverages unique features that are part of the Windows phone platform including Live Tiles.

The jab about Windows Phone users aside, this actually is a big stepping stone for EyeFi. Well, yet another big stepping stone among a year of big stepping stones. This brings their rather beefy partnership list up another company, joining hands with Olympus and GoPro. It seems like EyeFi is adding a new partner once or twice a month, which is really impressive.

The service isn’t free for Windows Phone users: they still have to either pay the monthly $4.99 or buy a Mobi card, but the automatic link from the Windows camera roll to the self-organizing EyeFi cloud is pretty cool. If you, you know, have a Windows Phone. Which none of you do, but you can at least appreciate the possibilities as if you did.

You can learn more at eyefi.com.