Many newlyweds can’t afford to hire a professional photographer to document their special moment, nor do they have the equipment and skill to execute the job themselves. Which is why, Photographer and Nikon Ambassador Joe McNally—who is well aware of the financial burdens that go hand-in-hand with a wedding—teamed up with Nikon for a free photo shoot for newlywed couples outside of New York’s City Hall.

On June 4 to 5, McNally will be photographing recently married couples, granting them the opportunity to receive incredible wedding portraits as a part of Nikon’s storytelling campaign, I Am Generation Image. “It was a notion, an idea of mine that Nikon pushed forward,” McNally says. “It’s all about doing something fun for a couple who might otherwise not have a wedding photographer, but instead opt for mom and dad to take their photo—which probably wouldn’t turn out that great.” And of course, the production takes place inside the infamous, make-shift Nikon Wedding Truck Studio.


From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Nikon’s team of photographers, with the help of a beauty squad, will photograph any couple who wed at City Hall between June 1 and June 5. Today, couples lined up one after another to take part in the experience, with the hope of sharing it with a legendary photographer. “It was my first photography session ever and I felt a little awkward,” commented Anna Prezinok, who married her husband Dominic only an hour prior to booking their appointment with McNally. “But [McNally] was such a professional and so great—I can’t wait to see the photos.”


With his Nikon D750 and some speed lights, McNally finds the project to be one of reward. He notes that even when he isn’t working a wedding, he still loves to photograph couples on their wedding day. “I love to witness all that emotion and I try to capture the exuberance of the couple. I like to give couples an open door and hope they walk through it,” he says. “I’m a small piece of these folks’ days… but they will still have this picture. And it’s a special moment that I’m a part of.”