Earlier today, the Morpholio project launched their latest app Crit, a messaging tool for architects, designers and artists. The creative team over at Morpholio found there to be an excessive need—specifically now when most image edits take place on mobile devices—for creative minds to have a platform to discuss their work while simultaneously obtaining necessary feedback amid the process.

Crit is giving your hands back to chat, making sketching and images part of the discussion,” said Mark Collins, Co-Creator of Morpholio Crit in a press release. “Crit allows you to truly bring your design network with you anywhere. As a platform, it is only the beginning of what we’d like to see happen with chat, collaboration and critique.


Essentially, Crit was created with the idea that innovative collaboration should be accessible in all aspects of life—regardless of geographical and time barriers. It’s all about the ease that comes with the relaxed accessibility of holding a critical dialogue among business partners on the go. The app sets up artists of various mediums with the ability to have a formidable, single fused “design” discussion while examining the said image, making its looming deadline seem ever-so much more doable.



The crux to Crit’s fortitude and beauty is found in its ability to stream commentary in a legible, direct route while viewing the image at hand. This mobile visual critique allows for competency and ease to occur, something many designers struggle with when working with compartmentalized platforms like e-mail.

“We have developed Crit to provide the ‘real time’ missing infrastructure between designers today. It is an opportunity to bypass the friction of your inbox and move a design collaboration forward,” said Anna Kenoff, Morpholio Co-Creator in a press release. “Synchrony is key to the proficiency of a brand. Crit features tools like “Invite,” “Paper,” “Simple” and “Eyetime,” which assist in the organization of one’s project, continuing Morpholio’s belief that creatives’ deserve a degree of sanity like the rest of us.”