It’s agreed upon. Retrieving that one photo you took at that party eight months ago should be easy. It’s too tedious to stretch ourselves thin nowadays searching through our devices to find that ideal picture that correlates so well with the conversation you’re probably about to have in a few minutes. Our files need to be compartmentalized, and easily accessible.
Enter Picjoy. As a photo organization app, Picjoy easily finds the photos you want, when you need them, all in a matter of seconds. Following a strict, overtly complex algorithm that detects—with exactitude—what photo you’re recalling in any given moment, Picjoy delivers an unrelenting process that is bound to impress any 21st century smartphone photographing fanatic.

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“We’ve all been there, mid-conversation trying to pull up a photo with no luck. Picjoy solves this problem so you never miss an opportunity to share an experience again,” said Zach Mangum, CEO, Picjoy in a press release. “The average person takes 5 photos per day on their smartphones, which means 2.4 billion photos are taken on phones every day. With so many pictures, there needs to be an easy way to reference the one you want, when you want it. This should not be a difficult task.”

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The app automatically tags images that are on your iPhone, and in your iCloud accounts, making it revolutionarily easier to find the photos that are on your mind, no matter where they are stored or when they were taken. Granted one’s likelihood to have multiple photography apps, Picjoy compiles all these images, seamlessly sorting each photo based on location, date and context. It’s that easy.

Nonetheless, Picjoy’s true wonder lies in its striking features like Story Capture, which details selected photos with context, making the preservation of memories all the easier. Keeping your memories intact—especially considering the 880 billion pictures that were taken in 2014 alone—and legible is the crux to a happier, ease-filled existence.