If you’re an independent photographer looking for an easier way to get paid and stay organized, PocketSuite is the app for you. PocketSuite is the go-to app for photographers who are on the go, and hungry to build a great business. This app has become rapidly adopted by photographers because it helps them save time and money, and communicate with clients.

So what is PocketSuite, exactly? It’s an app that has four main areas—appointment scheduling, mobile invoicing, payment processing and instant messaging. Essentially, this app allows photographers to operate all core aspects of their business simply from their phone.



This all sounds great on paper, but how does this app operate in practice? Resource spoke to professional photographers Katya Grozovskaya and Brio Yiapan to get a first-hand account of how the app performed in every day real world situations and how the resulting workflow improved their businesses.

To begin with, both Grozovskaya and Yiapan stress the simplicity of PocketSuite in their experience, from setup to actual usage. Grozovskaya explains, “PocketSuite is created to save time for people who use it. After 5 minutes spent inside of it, you can pretty much do anything without any questions.” But, in case questions do arise, there is support for users—Yiapan explains, “I love how quickly any questions I have get answered either via email or phone.”

Most importantly, though, what did these photographers have to say about PocketSuite’s features? Grozovskaya was most impressed by the invoicing features, which allowed her to invoice her clients in a matter of seconds, “you can create and send invoices in ten seconds, and if you offer different services such as head shots, or family photography, or interior photography, you pre-set them with prices and titles and simply choose one when creating each invoice.”

The app is also able to connect with your contacts and calendars to easily create appointments and send confirmation to the client, with an option of securing appointments with a deposit, which means, “with the click of a button, you can charge the balance right after the appointment is done, which is very convenient for freelancers like me” says Grozovskaya.

Photographer Katya Grozovskaya

© Katya Grozovskaya

For Yiapan, on the other hand, the most beneficial feature was the automatic reminders that are sent out to clients to pay their booking deposit or invoice. She also added, “I love how it automatically charges the pre-approved amount after our photo shoot so I don’t have to follow up or think about it!”

Photographer Brio Yiapan

© Brio Photography

One concern that may arise from photographers who are considering using this app is whether it is difficult to encourage clients to pay from their phone rather than their computer. In Grozovskaya’s experience, this was not an issue, “Once I send them a deposit request or an invoice, they receive a text message right away with the link to make a payment, and it all looks very professional. If you want to succeed, you have to learn things that save you time. It is beneficial for both the photographer and the client.”

Overall, Grozovskaya found that PocketSuite positively affected her business through increased convenience and simplicity of all transactions. Yiapan found that this app was able to help streamline her workflow, and found it particularly helpful that she didn’t need to be by her computer when someone was ready to schedule and book her services.

So, after trying out this app for themselves and applying it to their own businesses, would they recommend this app to other photographers? Yes—both Grozovskaya and Yiapan state that this app is great for all kinds of photographers who own their own business. “There is no other app for photographers that can do what PocketSuite can do” says Grozovskay.

For more information on PocketSuite, check out their website. To download PocketSuite for free, visit their App Store page.