This is easily our longest episode, so make sure you have some time to dedicate to our sixteenth episode as we had a lot to talk about this week. We discuss some new products from Metabones, why DSLR sales continue to slide (while mirrorless continues to dominate), discuss Jeremy Cowart’s new free e-book and give a shoutout to our friend Mike Kelley whose latest project was just selected as a Kickstarter Staff Pick. We also answer a listener’s question: how did we get started in this industry?

rewrap podcast episode 16


Metabones Speed Booster XL Canon EF & Nikon EF for Micro 4/3rds
DSLRs down 15%, while mirrorless up 16.5%
Camera Power Rankings, Month 1
Kickstarter: L.A. Airspace
Is Photography Art?
Jeremy Cowart: Absorb
The History of Us: How Jaron and Karaminder got into the photo industry