After the Los Angeles premiere of the Entourage movie on Monday, the Internet has been buzzing with news of the revealed relationship between Kevin Connolly and costar Sabina Gadecki, who play love interests in the film. But whether it’s just another instance of one the oldest publicity tricks in the book, or if the two legitimately found love on set, the Resource Magazine office has too been buzzing but for a different reason: photos of Gadecki have resurfaced—and the beauty is undeniably authentic.

The photos, shot by Bill Diodato for Shape Magazine at Carrillo Beach in California, were lit with a combination of ambient light and strobe. According to Diodato, he sought to capture Gadecki’s different types of muscle tone to portray how women can achieve a healthy-looking body, yet in a natural way. “A lot of time in soft daylight, you can make a girl look pretty, but bringing out the tone is very hard,” Diodato says. He adds that most of the sunset shots were captured on a Hasselblad camera with a Phase One back and a ring light—his preferred setup. “It was actually freezing cold that day. But [Gadecki] was amazing at battling through it—we shot for several hours.”

Lo and behold, see Diodato’s incredibly stunning images of Gadecki below.