We’ve been seeing a few impressive photoshop timelapses recently, and Redditor nikolaibk just kind of took things to the next level: he shows how he totally restored a very old, damaged, sepia-toned photo into a full color, cleaned up final image. It’s really impressive. You can take a look at the two images side by side, before and after, below:

Old Photo Restoration Timelapse

I think the most challenging, and probably the most controversial part of this, is the colors chosen. Often the restorer has no idea what colors were original to the image and will simply use his or her best judgement to recreate the image. This isn’t a new argument. Many classic works of art from history have been “restored” in the past, with some completely deviating from the original intent of the creator. This is a bit more forgiving though, as images like this aren’t masterworks of art, but the feelings expressed are still relevant. Nonetheless, amazing work!