It’s a competitive market out there, and to stay on top photographers are regularly looking for ways to make their work stand above the rest. For Tracey Taylor & Dee Green of 37Frames, Matthias Fend and Ben Sasso, that meant integrating the Lytro ILLUM into their repertoire. “Lytro gives me the opportunity to tell my stories in a different way,” Matthias told us. “With light- field technology I am able to create a Living Picture, a 3D image, a JPEG and a video in just one step. From now on I won’t capture flat images, I will take interactive Living Pictures.”

“Nowadays there are more images taken than ever – Lytro and the light-field technology help me be different. If you are faster than others with a new technology you will benefit from becoming an expert earlier.” Matthias Fend

Ben found that the Lytro helped him tap into a creative outlet he wasn’t able to get with his traditional camera. “Lytro has given me yet another outlet for creativity and has allowed me to look at things in a way that the typical DSLR hasn’t. Creating is what I love and now I have a whole new way to do it.” Tracey and Dee agree, “The Lytro ILLUM has allowed us to see life differently – in a completely new dimension – and allowed clients and viewers to join us intimately in an image in a way traditional photography cannot. It’s truly such an exciting addition to our photography kit that has very, very quickly become a staple.”

So how exactly have these photographers packaged the Lytro ILLUM into their businesses? “We include Living Pictures in all our Engagement/Wedding Collections, generally as an added extra that we surprise the clients with,” the duo from 37Frames told us.

“The feedback has been delightfully positive and in this digital age especially we are finding our clients love sharing their Living Pictures straight away, whether on social media or particularly on their personal wedding websites. It’s a point of difference both our clients and we have embraced wholeheartedly, generating business leads, traffic and much more interest to our online presences.”

The ILLUM can completely change how you, the photographer, and your clients see images. It’s important to remember how that process happens, and plan for it during the photographing process. “Fill the frame…especially with repeating elements, to show depth in a completely new way. This truly brings nature-based scenes to life in a breathtaking way,” Tracey and Dee said. “Here in Japan this was particularly successful during the stunning Cherry Blossom season. The Lytro ILLUM brought the blossoms to life in a way we have never experienced before.” Matthias mentioned humourously not to “focus too much on focusing.”

“First try to set your frame for your image, and then determine your focus range,” he said. “Move from one to the other. Decide which parts should be sharp afterwards. It is easier to start at a wide angle, and have a foreground that is very, very close to the camera (3-10cm). Try to set your focus range from close to infinity.”

“Learn to see depth before you shoot,” Ben added. “While it’s fun to shoot and hope for the best, when you really sit and think about what will make a shot killer in this new format, it opens up another side of your mind and will most likely benefit you in all of your mediums.”

It’s pretty impressive how the Lytro ILLUM is helping challenge photographers with a style of artistic creation that is otherwise unavailable to them. It’s really unusual to see a different method of capturing moments, and based on the feedback from these pros, it seems like their clients also enjoy the new perspective. For more on the Lytro ILLUM, head over to