We’ve all been in the position before: You’re scrolling through your Facebook Newsfeed and it’s drenched in childish, unnecessary posts from the grown up versions of the kids you went to high school with followed by 35 videos that you don’t really want to watch, but for some reason Facebook has decided are perfect for you. You’re reading through the comments when you get a phone call from your boyfriend who is complaining about your lack of commentary on his latest selfie upload.

This is life on Facebook: view the happenings of losers you’re no longer connected with and miss out on the somewhat important factors of loved ones.

This was an unfortunate reality with no real solutions—until now. Earlier today, Facebook launched a new, more personalized approach to their Newsfeed. The social media platform is now allowing its users to prioritize certain profiles, trusting that this feature will grant its billions of users a swifter, more enjoyable experience.




The social networking giant is also granting its users the ability to “Unfollow” certain friends from their Newsfeeds entirely (not really a new feature, but a new way to do it). This preference will tuck away all undesirable posts from that individual while offering the user—if need be—the chance to still check on that wretched person’s profile manually.

Notably, the prioritizing extends past your friends, and onto the pages you like and-or follow on the site. So if you’re not the biggest fan of some run-of-the-mill photography blog, you can put them in the backseat while simultaneously asking to see the latest Resource Magazine updates first. It’s pretty genius.

And for those of us out there that haven’t found the Facebook page that caters to our every need, the new Newsfeed update offers page suggestions, matching our interests with both established and up and coming sources.




Rest assured, you will now be able to wholly negate that one coworker’s incessant social media nagging, while making sure to never miss a beat from your bestie back home.

As of right now, the new preferences are only available on the Facebook iOS app. The company has disclosed that the update will be available on desktop and Androids everywhere within the coming weeks. The future is here, and it is a lot less annoying.

[Via Mashable, Images via. Facebook]