This week we welcome Resource Magazine’s systems engineer Tam Nguyen to the Podcast as he has wanted to debate the whole “small sensor vs big sensor” conversation since he listened to our episode last week. So naturally, we obliged! But that’s not all Tam talks about. He helps us consider the coming Affinity Photo and its place in the market, how Fuji surprised us all with taking number one in our monthly power rankings, and we all discuss the best medium for storytelling now, and into the future.

rewrap podcast episode 20


Can Affinity Photo succeed? Finished app is coming very soon
Surprise result in month 2 of the power rankings
What’s The Best Medium For A Storyteller In 2015 And Beyond?
We revisit the question: “Can cell phone cameras/small cameras replace full sized cameras?”
Sebastião Salgado’s Advice For Young Photographers Today

Books Tam Mentioned:
The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload
Thinking, Fast and Slow