This week we were joined by special gust Michael Bonocore, a landscape photographer and editor of the Resource sub-site Resource Travel. Why? Well, because we talked a lot about mirrorless this week, and Michael is a big Sony user who had a lot to contribute to the conversation. Come to think of it, all three of us are heavy mirrorless camera users, so when we see articles about debunking mirrorless myths and the future death of DSLRs in video, we had to have our say.

rewrap podcast episode 22

If you haven’t listened to the NASA special, you should
Debunking a mirrorless myth: weight
For CS6 users, would changing how/how much for CC matter?
Wallpart may be illegally selling your photos (You can illegally buy Karaminder’s face)
Casey Neistat’s Beme app disappoints
DSLR use in pro video to plummet in coming years, report says