Julia Kuzmenko, one of the best beauty and fashion photographers and retouchers on the planet, just published a short video that shows a three hour retouch compressed into one minute. We’ve seen retouch timelapses like this before, the most recent by her colleague and friend Pratik Naik. In this particular video you can watch how Julia handles the mixture of skin, red glitter and makeup, the combination of which is pretty complicated when viewed at full resolution.

Here is the image Julia started with:


Julia Kuzmenko Retouching Before


And here is the final:

Julia Kuzmenko Retouching After


Here is a closeup of the finished image:


Julia Kuzmenko Retouching After- Close Up


Julia is using a retouching panel she developed with Retouching Academy to help speed and unify her workflow, and it’s definitely worth checking out. 

Fan of Youtube? You can see the video here and subscribe to her channel.