Ken Kaminesky is a standout name in the travel photography world. Aside from his work being featured throughout the New York Times and the cover of National Geographic, he’s also a writer, consultant, entrepreneur and FUJIFILM Global Ambassador and X-Photographer. Additionally, Kaminesky, along with Elia and Naomi Locardi, have founded and lead Dream Photo Tours, aiming to share their love for travel and photography with photo enthusiasts of all skill levels from around the world.


Dramatic Sky at Blue Hour Tower Bridge on the Thames in London, England Camera: FUJIFILM X-T1 Lens: FUJIFILM XF 10-24mm f/4 R OIS Aperture: f/8 Exposure: 80 sec Focal Length: 12mm Filter: Formatt-Hitech IRND 6 stop ND ISO: 200

Earlier this year, FUJIFILM North America Corporation and Discovery Photo Tours announced their official alliance. Since then, FUJIFILM’s flagship X-T1 and X-Series lenses—paired with the support of their X-Series Ambassadors—have been on hand throughout each journey, giving each patron equal means of capturing every fascinated cultural and visual experience they encounter. From Plitvice National Park in Croatia to St. Peter’s Basilica and Ponte Sant’angelo, the X-T1 has since—and perhaps since day one—been noted by travel photographers as one of the most quintessential cameras for both the professional and aspiring wanderlust fanatic.

Ken Kaminesky

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“Keeping true to the retro styling that Fujifilm has embraced, the awesome FUJIFILM X-T1 is not just stylish but also one serious professional camera. For the pro travel photographer, having lighter cameras and lenses without sacrificing quality is a huge benefit,” Kaminesky writes in a testimonial. “The amazing thing about the X-T1 and the rapidly growing lens lineup from Fujifilm is that photographers do not sacrifice quality when we opt for the lighter mirrorless X-Series camera system. In fact, in many ways it’s an improvement.” With weather sealing, dual view EVF, focus peaking, tilt LCD, 8 fps rapid fire shutter and built in WiFi, Kaminesky goes on to describe the X-T1 as “truly a photographer’s camera.”

X-T1 Graphite Silver

And yet, the images captured by the XT-1 surely speak for themselves, as evidenced by the results of 2015’s Dream Photo Tours. I mean, if these images don’t portray what a photo-tour of a lifetime, I’m not sure what does. See more images from the tours taken with the X-T1 below, and click here to learn more about the XT-1.


Stunning sky above St Peter’s Basilica and Ponte Sant’angelo at Dusk Camera: FUJIFILM X-T1 Lens: FUJIFILM XF 55-200mm f/3.5-4.8 R LM OIS Aperture: f/8 Exposure: 1.6 sec Focal Length: 60mm ISO: 200


Some of the Thousands of Waterfalls at Plitvice National Park in Croatia Camera: FUJIFILM X-T1 Lens: XF 55-200mm f/3.5-4.8 R LM OIS Aperture: f/14 Exposure: 0.5 sec Focal Length: 135mm Filter: Formatt-Hitech IRND 2 stop ND ISO: 200


The Crystal Clear Waters of Upper Kananaskis Lake at Peter Lougheed Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada Camera: FUJIFILM X-T1 Lens: FUJIFILM XF 10-24mm f/4 R OIS Aperture: f/16 Exposure: 58 sec Focal Length: 10mm Filter: Formatt-Hitech IRND 10 stop ND ISO: 200

The Discovery Photo Tours are scheduled year-round in locations throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and exciting new tours are being developed in some of the most beautiful places on Earth. Click here to view destinations for 2015.