New York-based design company Morpholio released its latest app, Journal, earlier today, as the latest in its mission to “reinvent creative processes for designers, artists, photographers and any imaginative individual.” As an attempt to reinvent the analog sketchbook, the app brings it to digital form with a platform that’s part notebook, part photo organizer. Essentially, Journal is meant to be platform where your photos can inspire drawings, and your drawings can inspire thoughts. Oh. And without the risk of losing pages or coffee stained paper.


With unlimited virtual pages to write, sketch and collage on any media, users can also design over an image, and the sketch will move, twist and scale with the image it’s on. Additionally, users can utilize eight pens, brushes and pencils including chisel markers, charcoal, and other rendering tools, as well as 16 color palettes created by award wining graphic designers at New York’s MTWTF. “Journal was designed by a team architects, and programmers who believe that serious software should dis-inhibit the creative brain, and amplify the creative process.” says Anna Kenoff, Morpholio Co-Creator.  “Morpholio uses analog thinking to create digital tools that optimize the relationship between designers and devices, making creative work more productive and more meaningful.”

On the efficiency side, Journal is equipped with highly responsive, page-turning navigation, as well as a calendar, grid and task templates for organization. And perhaps the biggest draw—pun intended—is the ability to add notes anywhere on or off a page, and write anything from paragraphs to simple tabs to mark your place.


“Sketchbooks, journals and notebooks become the places you have been, the ideas you’ve created and the passions you want to share,” says Toru Hasegawa, Morpholio Co-Creator. “Their culmination is what makes each person’s journal as unique as their fingerprint. Each sketchbook contains tremendous creative capital that deserves to be captured, archived, and shared.”

Journal is available for free on iOS. To learn more, visit the Morpholio site and check out its predecessors Trace, Board and Crit.