It takes a lot to make my jaw drop, but watching that demo video above, I couldn’t found myself truly aghast at what I was seeing. As a commercial videographer in San Francisco, I use a lot of tools to get the best possible shot when I’m doing a job, but sometimes I still need to stabilize in post. Often, that stabilization isn’t perfect and leaves something to be desired, as the Adobe-supplied Warp Stabilizer is good, but not perfect.

This looks perfect.

ReelSteady’s revolutionary new approach to stabilization allows for precise results from ANY camera and lens combination. That means for the first time ever, you can accurately smooth footage from even extreme wide angle lenses like GoPro.


Reelsteady excels at the kind of dynamic, traveling shots that bring other stabilizers to their knees. Orbiting around your subject with a drone? No problem. Snowboarding through the trees at full speed? We got that.

If you want to see more of what footage looked like originally, how Warp Stabilizer handled it, and then how ReelSteady did it, check out this page on their website with a ton of side by side comparisons.

It looks like ReelSteady is planning on retailing for $400, but you can get a free trial right now if you want to see if it will work for you. I don’t know, personally I don’t think I can live without this in my life.