Brand loyalty is a big deal. In photo and video, it dictates a ton of sales for various companies every year. So why are we loyal? Does it have to do with sponsorships? This isn’t a very easy conversation to have, because many of our friends are sponsored shooters, but we really wanted to discuss what that means to the average shooter out there. What does it mean to you when a photographer is sponsored? Do you pay them any particular attention? Did it matter if you knew of them before they were sponsored, or does the fact they are sponsored enough? We discuss and ask for your input. We really want to know how you feel about this conversation.

This week, we also cover Samsung’s huge 16TB SSD, dicuss if 4K video is even worth it, and why aerial footage is all the rage!



Samsung 16TB SSD is the World’s Largest storage Drive
Why We Edit
Is 4K video worth it? 
What SOOC Means to me.
What’s up with all this aerial drone footage
Brand Loyalty, and the greater questions beyond (sponsorships, etc)