If you’re an F-Stop gear fan, you love a few things about your bag: it’s comfortable, sturdy, has a ton of adjustment options and the interior is removeable with multiple ICU compartments that you can interchange. Well, Lowepro just announced a new bag called the Whistler, and it is probably the closest thing to an F-Stop we’ve ever seen (without actually being one). That, and through our experience with it thus far, it might actually be better.






Even though F-Stop Gear made huge adjustments to their bag lineup recently, Lowepro has taken nearly everything there is to love about those bags and tweaked them just enough to be different, and in some cases, likely better. The water-resistant exterior too? Yup, the Whistler has that as well as an all weather cover that gives even more protection, should you need it.





The interior is comprised of a large, sturdy-sided, velcro-insertable box that, like ICUs found in F-Stop gear, is removable. The dividers are easy to move around as well, using the Lowepro MaxFit system. They don’t get stuck on each other and aren’t a hassle to adjust, which is the only kind of velcro divider on the market like it.





Lowepro is billing Whistler as a versatile, four-season technical backpack that comes in two sizes – 350 AW and 450 AW. Ideal for wilderness photographers and adventurers who carry an equal measure of camera, video and functional outdoor equipment, the bag’s hinged and zippered back panel offers partial or full access to photography gear, and its rigid internal structure can support attachment of skis, poles, tripods, ice axes and more. Featuring Lowepro’s ActivZone System harness the bag is comfortable to wear. Like, really comfortable. While we are still finishing our review, in the time we’ve had the bag we have recognized how comfortable it is to wear. It’s pretty extraordinary.


WhistlerBP_450_Buckles WhistlerBP_450_CameraBox_Out


We’ll have our full review completed shortly, so hang tight for that. The Whistler BP 350 AW will sell for $349.95 and 450 AW will sell for $389.95 and are available now.