Ok, we see a lot of great hyperlapse and timelapse videos, but this one is one of the best I’ve seen all year. Vadim Tereshchenko created this film using over two years of collected footage and it’s incredible.

This is compilation of hyperlapse videos that I shot over the course of the past 2 years. I spent a lot of time scouting for locations, waiting for the perfect conditions, and catching the beauty of the city. Lighting is important. Sunrises, sunsets; transitions from dawn to day, and from dusk to dark. I used a lot of self-developed tricks and techniques in both the shooting and editing processes – it took a lot of time and passion to make this video. 

I think something worth noting is how long it takes to make one of these films, and the patience as well. Vadim had to not only scout locations and movements he wanted to do, he had to then wait for just the right circumstances to take advantage of those locations. It’s tedious, but it clearly pays off.