Searching for photos of last night’s Blood Moon was a tricky endeavour. Every time a Supermoon occurs, social media is flooded with photos from the event. Last night’s rare Blood Moon amplified that social media sharing by 100 fold. Apparently everyone read my article about how to properly capture the Blood Moon, and they all ran out to photograph it!

Well, while I love that people are getting out and shooting, I wish people would be more honest about what the viewer is looking at. If it’s a composite of different locations, times, etc, that’s great! Just let the viewers know. Please don’t try to pass it off as a straight out of camera photo. Most anyone with a semi-trained eye can tell that it’s not.

Anyway, while searching on social media and photo sharing websites like FacebookInstagram and 500px, I think I have finally found 13 great images that aren’t Photoshopped to all hell. It took me all day, believe it or not. Yes, the sequence photos require layers, but that’s not the compositing photoshop I am talking about.

So feast your eyes on 13 (mostly) real images of last night’s Blood Moon.

We would love to add to this collection, so if you have an awesome photo of last night’s Blood Moon, post a link in the comments! Must have some kind of foreground element to be considered. 

Dallas, Texas by Mike Mezeul II


San Francisco, California by Sa Ma

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Blood Moon Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

Lemolo Lake, Oregon by Jasman Mander

Blood Moon Lemolo Oregon

Tucson, Arizona by Sean Parker

Sean Parker Tuscon Arizona Blood Moon


Maine by Mike Taylor

Supermoon Blood Moon Maine By Mike Taylor


Mt. Shasta, California by Matt Granz

Blood Moon Mount Shasta California Matt Granz

Salt Point State Park, California by Mike Shoys

Salt Point California Supermoon Blood Moon Mike Shoys


Mount Hood, Oregon by Gary Randall

Gary Randall Mount Hood Blood Moon Oregon

Maine by Jimmy Dau

Nubble Lighthouse Maine Blood Moon-2


San Francisco, California by Rodrigo Alvarez


Paris, France by Dainius Seven


London, England by Sal Alexander

Mt. Rainier, Washington by Barry Gregg