This week we have special guest Giulio Scorio! We all talk about drone updates from DJI and 3D Robotics, speculate on what Apple might announce and what it will mean.

Do you choose a camera based on specs or how fun it is to use? Want to know what it takes to get from good to great as a photographer? Why should you make time for personal projects and some advice on how to do it, and finally 4 habits of thriving artists that if you’re not doing, you better get started!




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Canon 250mp sensor
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Specs vs Fun
Apple’s iPhone 6S announcement: what to expect
Astropad for iPad (Watch video)
Hollywood’s Most Sought-After Photographer to Explain the Difference Between a ‘Good’ and ‘Great’ (Photographer)
Why You Should Always Make Time for Personal Projects
The 4 Habits of Thriving Artists