Sponsored by Resource Magazine and with support from ICP (International Center of Photography), APA (American Photographic Artists), and ADC (Art Directors Club), Morpholio has officially launched its annual EyeTime 2015 Photo Competition. This year, the competition includes two categories: Future Voices, which aims at discovering new design voices within the academic world, and Emerging Talent, which is tailored for all young professionals and upcoming practices.


EyeTime 2014 – Future Voices Jury Winner – Flowers of City Slums © Turjoy Chowdhury

With technology advancing and popularity in online-sharing increasing, Eyetime’s competition challenges photographers to confront the world today through their own unique lens. The intent is for participants to capture an image that is capable of penetrating through the virtual clutter, and even launch a dialogue across the social landscape of our globe.


EyeTime 2014 – Future Voices Jury Winner – Architecture in Limbo © Ben Tynegate

Eyetime 2015, a contest that began as a way to promote and explore today’s rising talent, is made possible by the solid collaboration of photographers, professors and students. Guest jurors include industry experts such as Kathryn Roach of The New York Times, Diana Jou of The Wall Street Journal, Resource Magazine CEO/President Alexandra Niki, Light Stalking Writer and Photographer Tiffany Mueller, and many, many more. Additionally, the contest is devoted to the amazingly talented photographer, reporter, editor and humanitarian Jessica Lum, who gave her life to the world of photojournalism, and sought ways to not just create, but to preserve and understand the creative world around us.


EyeTime 2014 – Emerging Talent Jury Winner – Street Barber © Binh Duong

For more information on submission, guidelines, schedule and judging visit the Morpholio’s EyeTime 2015 page. See the winning images from last year below.


EyeTime 2014 – Emerging Talent Jury Winner – H-Waste © Javier Corso


EyeTime 2014 – Future Voices Jury Winner – Different shades of the same grey © Felicia Simion


EyeTime 2014 – Morpholio Special Recognition – Worlds Within Us © Dery K


EyeTime 2014 – Emerging Talent Jury Winner – Under Fire © Javier Corso


EyeTime 2014 – Emerging Talent Jury Winner – Mother and Child © Rongguo Gao


EyeTime 2014 – Jessica Lum Award – #riotdejaneiro © Alessandro Falco


EyeTime 2014 – Morpholio Special Recognition – Causality © Nicholai Go


EyeTime 2014 – Future Voices Public Winner – The Artist Must Be Visible © Rainer Weston


EyeTime 2014 – Future Voices Jury Winner – Left Behind © Tiberio Ventura


EyeTime 2014 – Emerging Talent Public Winner – Lovers © Christopher Luck