Instagram has allowed portrait and landscape photos on their service for about a month now and the writing is on the wall. Portrait is the new square.

Since it’s inception, Instagram has been all about the square crop. I can’t even think of another social service that was square crop only. Heck, even when Instagram moved to video, it was then all about the square cropped video! Often times when one didn’t want to crop their work to a square, there were countless apps out there to help add in white space just so you could upload a square image to Instagram with your picture’s original aspect ratio intact.

So why is it that now, portrait is beating landscape on Instagram? Well we always hold our phones vertically, and portrait photos take up much more screen real estate than landscape photos do. Especially now with our larger, new, next generation tall screens at our disposal.


Instagram screenshot evolution

Left image credit: TechCrunch. Other images credit: The Verge


Seeing the evolution of Instagram on our screens in the picture above shows how an image encompassing the whole screen is a more engrossing experience than just a square.

Moving forward, if you want more likes, start shooting everything in portrait, even your landscapes.

[Via The Verge]