How can a photograph be a weapon? We cover the somber truths on how image making today can be (and often is) used for nefarious purposes.

Do you have the lifestyle of a creative, yet are feeling inadequate compared to your peers who do not? You love what you do and you’re happy, but yet, you still have that feeling of envy as they just bought their new Porsche or that nice house while you’re driving a 15 year old clunker and live in a studio apartment. How do Jaron and I feel about this? We share our feelings on this story and give some insight into our backgrounds as well.

We also cover Canon’s new announcements, Sony A7R II reviews that actually don’t praise it as the end all be all, Instagram’s new aspect ratios, Wiz Khalifa on a hover board, and video stabilization that makes Jaron want to change his pants!

rewrap podcast episode 28

Canon Giving Mirrorless Stateside Another Shot, To Release EOS M3 in October
New Canon 35mm F/1.4
Canon’s New Blue Spectrum Refractive Glass Element Significantly Reduces Chromatic Aberration
Why the Sony a7R II Can’t Shoot 10-Bit or Full HD Slow Motion Video
Sony a7R II Review by Ming Thein
42 Megapixels of Garbage by Benjamin Von Wong
FINALLY of the week: Instagram adds portrait and landscape orientation. Q: Is square pix/video dead now?
ReelSteady AfterEffects Stablization Plugin (Free trial available)
Amazon gives 1 free yr of unlimited cloud storage with purchase of camera gear ($60/yr after)
Wiz Khalifa Was Nearly Arrested and No One Noticed He Used the VHS Camcorder App
The Photo as Weapon
On Feeling Inadequate as a Photographer