Retouching timelapse videos seem to give an insight into the workflow and mindset of a creative in a very quick and entertaining view. It isn’t by any means a tutorial, but it does give viewers a sense of how a particular retouching artist approaches an image, and allows the viewer to get a sense of appreciation for what goes into retouching. Recently, there have been some that went viral and I wanted to paint a picture into some others that were really beautifully done. So we took it upon ourselves to create others to serve as a bookmark to show clients what it’s all about. These are from my colleagues, who I know all do good work.

I specifically asked these colleagues if they were interested in doing this project and this is what we created together.

Retoucher: Obi Grant


Retoucher: David Neilands


Retoucher: Chris Lambeth

Retoucher: Natalia Fadejeva


Retoucher: Sabine Metz


Retoucher: Pratik Naik