Yesterday DJI announced the coming availability of their one-handed stabilized 4K camera, the Osmo. It looks really nifty and versatile, and since shooting a lot with my iPhone over the past few weeks I can definitely see the appeal of a small, one-handed stabilized camera. The guys from Tested got their hands on the Osmo and put it through a brief first impressions test so we all could see what the footage looks like.

DJI Osmo Hands On

I’m a bit dubious on the settings Tested chose for this. Not 4K, 24p and for some reason this is the worst quality I’ve seen out of the Inspire camera. There is some visible blocky pixelation happening and that’s not something I’m used to seeing from it. Something is definitely amiss, either in their export or in the settings they chose in the capture. At any rate, focus on the stability and not the video quality. We all know the high quality that can come out of this camera, so what we should instead be critical of is how well the Osmo compensated for walking motion.