The social media tool of Instagram has ushered a wave of city photographers focusing on a myriad of subjects from people to architecture. A few ‘cream of the crop’ instantly blows us away with their photography feed. One fine example is London-based lawyer Tobi Shonibare (@tobishinobi), who spends his day litigating cases in the courtroom before roaming the streets of London to capture the amazing architecture of the city through his camera. Along the way, he gifts us with unique perspectives of London’s most iconic heritage buildings. “My mother is an engineer, and I remember seeing her technical drawings from a young age, which gave me an early appreciation for perspective, lines and symmetry,” he tells Instagram blog.

Rising to the beat of the morning before heading work, Tobi also finds the chance of photographing the city during its early hours. London’s “Square Mile”, the city’s financial district that mirrors New York’s Wall Street, but provides a fascinating skyline inhabited by classical designed building, provides Tobi a smorgasbord of wonderful architectural subjects. He lists down the Leadenhall Building and the 30 St. Mary Axe as among his favorites. “Composition is king and patience is paramount” says Tobi in describing his approach to photography. “London has world-class architecture that people travel across the globe to see,” he adds. “It’s in my city so I have to make the most of it. There is a crazy juxtaposition of old and new within throwing distance of one another. It makes for great character and challenges one creatively to take photos which have a common theme or style.”

Currently inviting new followers by the day and a flood of rave and positive comments, the Instagram community continues to inspire Tobi into dishing out great architecture photographs and he also hope to document other cities in Europe in the near future, to the glee of his more than 100,000 followers.

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