It’s that time, once again: Photo Plus is about to take over New York City like that pizza rat did to the Internet. By now, you’ve likely heard that we’re throwing a party with our good friends RGG EDU. It’s the first night of PPE, meaning you, our readers, will inevitably be hungover for the remainder of the expo. For companies and exhibitors, this entails showing up by 8 a.m. for the next two days with a shit-eating grin on your face to meet with people like us—the ones who, ironically, were responsible for your regretful morning and stomach that feels like it’s eating itself. And for attendees, this essentially entails nothing, as you lucky folks have no obligation to make it to the floor by day break. That is, unless, you intend to get your money’s worth for your $549.99 conference passes.

But regardless of your purpose, our first-tier party tickets have already sold out, meaning a good portion of you will be showing up to get down. So here’s how not to suck at being hungover for the next two days of PPE 2015.

The breakfast cocktail

Photo via Flickr

Photo via Flickr

One of the reasons I love WPPI is because it’s in Vegas, which means bloody marys and mimosas are standard practice throughout the wee hours of the morning on the trade show floor. But in New York, we don’t have that luxury; it’s up to us to drink away our hangovers. My suggestion: if you live in New York, cook a tray of frittata and a pitcher of mimosa (or bloody mary) for the week, then slurp that shit down with urgency each morning. If you’re staying at a hotel, however, you as might as well hit the restaurant first thing. There are company credit cards for that.

Dress up your hangover

Photo via RGG EDU/ROCO

Photo via RGG EDU/Rosco

This is where things get crafty. If you’ve ever creeped on my trade show style, you’ve likely noticed that my outfits get progressively classier each day. This is no accident. Rather, the quality of my clothing corresponds with the severity of my hangover. The more hungover I am, the nicer I dress and vice-versa. The way I see it, is that a fresh get-up will pull people’s attention from your heavy eyes and beer breathe—and place it on your brand new blazer or Cole Haan shoes. Here’s my usual progression: Day 1, denim/sweater; Day 2, jacket/grey blazer; Day 3, jacket/black blazer…. and if you all show up wearing black blazers by day two, I think it’s safe to say our party was pretty dope.

Drink coffee, not energy drinks

Photo via Flickr

Photo via Flickr

This one is simple: DO NOT drink an energy drink when you’re hungover. I know, I know. When you’re rushing in the morning and you hit the bodega or Duane Reade, it seems like an easy fix. You won’t have to stop for coffee, and in your sloppy state the shiny cans look so, like, tempting. I like shiny things. But what I don’t like is vomiting in a meeting after the acidity of an energy drink gnaws away at my stomach lining. I say this from experience.

Treat yourself to a bathroom nap


Photo via Flickr

Lo and behold—bathroom naps are your savior! You can escape from the madness, sit on the toilet and shut your eyes with your head between your knees for a moment. Five minutes can go a long way. Just bear in mind that after seven, your colleagues may get suspicious. So you may want to drop your pants to your ankles for good measure.

Keep your clothes on


Photo via RGG EGU

For some, it can be difficult to control your booze intake, but nothing says “I want to fucking guzzle RBV and Jaeger” like showing up without a shirt and only a bowtie. So unlike our good friend Pat Black pictured above, who may or may not work for us—I’m still not sure—take this one small step towards self-control. If keep your clothes on at night, you’ll be that much closer to not sucking at being hungover the next day.

Click here for more information on the Resource Magazine + RGG EDU party. Tickets are currently sold out, but a limited number will be available at the door. First come, first serve.