John Michael Cooper, or JMC as many of us know him, is arguably one of the most prolific, boundary testing and progressive wedding & portrait photographers of the digital era. While many of us will recognize his “Trash the Dress” work, for which JMC is widely credited for starting the trend, he never really set out with that as a goal.  JMC is like many wedding photographers, he loved his job but quickly grew bored with the convention and unspoken standards. While adhering to those ideals is a must for any full time wedding & portrait photographer, JMC opted to take the “5%” of the time where he can shoot solely for himself and turn it into something truly creative – Iconic photos with a dark and dramatic twist which he coins the “Anti-Bridal”.

After JMC posted his first trash the dress photo publicly, he realized that by publishing something truly creative with no concern for the “standard” not only did his work stand apart from his competition, but he attracted clients with a similar style & taste to his, which furthered his ability to create more stylized work.  Many people have commented on how the work of Alt-F is not their style, but there is an inherent brilliance in that. The idea you can not only allow yourself to be creative, but attract clients who appreciate your talent is a core element of being a successful artist.  While JMC does indeed shoot conventional wedding photos, he prefers to show the majority of “his” work to continue to attract his type of client which further drives his business.

Today JMC and his wife, Dalisa, run AltF photography out of Las Vegas, NV and continue delivering not only powerful & vivd images, but also speak regularly around the county while running a successful full-time photography business.

You can read more about AltF on DPReview, on their website or see him in person on stage at the WPPI expo in 2016.

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