Announced today by both DJI and 3DR, is a “geofencing” safety system to keep drones out of restricted airspaces. Starting in December, this new update powered by a company called AirMap, will prevent drones from entering zones with high security risks, such as stadium events and wildfire areas. This new system, called Geospatial Environment Online, will be enabled by default, and can only be disabled by creating an account with DJI, which includes entering your name, credit card information, phone number and more – with 3DR is implementing a similar system.

These restrictions come as no surprise to those who have been following the war on drones and UAVs in America. With continued scrutiny from the FAA and the US government, drone owners will be required to register their drones with the FAA in coming months, thus adding to accountability with drone operation. When asked about this new implementation, DJI Vice President of Policy and Legal Affairs Brendan Schulman said —

“We believe this major upgrade to our geofencing system will do even more to help operators understand their local flight environment, and to make smart, educated decisions about when and where to fly their drones…”

These changes are expected to be implemented in December, and through a firmware update.

[via The Verge]