An unparalleled acquisition in the photography community has now become official—Eyefi, a site dedicated to digital photo-management apps and services,
has purchased OKDOTHIS, an app, initially created by photographer Jeremy Cowart, that challenges the everyday photographer to step out of their comfort zone by shooting topics they usually would not.

Essentially, this allows Eyefi to expand the accessibility of its photo organization platform by forming personal involvement with the photo community and provide inspiration through social engagement and interaction. This is made possible with the concept of the app’s the daily photography “DO.” The “DO” is the exciting part, as it suggests topics and happenings for photographers to cover.

The way it works is simple: Photographers browse the app, find an intriguing “DO,” then capture an image of it and upload it to the platform. One recommendation would be to organize your day with “DOs” by selecting a variety of topics to look out for as you go about your life. This effectively works to expand photographers’ perspective of the world, while hopefully discovering something new about themselves in the process. Here are a couple “DOs” made up of some interesting yet obscure topics that I came across.

People Who Don’t Know They Have Food In Their Teeth


Screen grab via OKDOTHIS

Meeting People Who Inspire You

Screengrab via OKDOTHIS

Screengrab via OKDOTHIS

Tiny People in Big Places


What inspired Cowart to create the platform was sense of community and joy he noticed among photographers around the world who share new ideas with one another. He wanted others to feel the same way—and this was where Eyefi came in. Matt DiMaria, Eyefi CEO, believed the combination of the two companies aligned perfectly, and with today’s exponential growth of the digital photography world, the timing of the partnership was perfect as well.

So what are you waiting for? Pick a “DO” and start shooting.