Street photography isn’t just about having a quick finger ready to press the shutter to capture unguarded moments of people lingering in the streets, but rather is about having a keen eye that is able to spot interesting subjects and backdrops with which to compose beautiful images brimming with captivating patterns and colors. For photographer Juan-Camilo Roa (@juancamiloberlin), it is all about photographing cinematic images around him. From architectural details to abandoned shopping carts to a variety of what he terms as “aesthetic coincidences” that offer viewers a fresh perspective of his current city of residence, Berlin. “My photography reflects the fact that we are almost constantly surrounded by the extraordinary but often overlook it,” Juan-Camilo tells Instagram blog, who also adds that he hopes that his photographs will evoke consciousness for more people to value their city’s culture, architecture, heritage and environment as well.

Milking the unusual patterns he sees for muse of creativity, Juan Camilo beautifully blends it with the colors present in the background. Whether it is a plain wall adorned by a straight or spiral line or a lone window or an array of other subjects, the way he composes his image gives instant visual gratification to his more than 15,000 followers on Instagram who never fail to shower him with accolades on the comment section. For him, the streets of Berlin is more than enough in supplying him an endless array of interesting subjects that doesn’t touch up on the more common themes of street photography, making his work unique and a stand-out in inventiveness.

Take a unique tour of the city of Berlin through Juan Camilo’s camera and realize that beauty is present everywhere, and one just needs to open his or her eyes and let their imagination flow smoothly as evidenced by the clean compositions present in the Instagram feed of Juan Camilo. Check out his other images below and follow him @juancamiloberlin on IG to get a daily dose of his impressive brand of street photography.