Photographer Mike Boyd was walking around Camden Market when he found a completed roll of film in a stall that he wanted to purchase. Not knowing the possible value, the vendor gave him that roll for free. After developing it, Mike has decided to try and find the original owners, as images are always valuable.

At a camera stall in Camden, London, the stall owner gave me a roll of exposed 120 Ilford film for free when I asked to buy it. It had Ilford HP3 printed on it, which, after some research, I discovered went out of production in the late 60s and was available from 1955. I guessed the development technique for a 45 year old exposed film that had been sitting God knows where and got 8 almost perfectly preserved latent images from the past developed here at my flat in Bath. The whole role is of a family at the beach, and its shot in 6×9 format.

Developed Images from Film Shot in the 1960s

Mike is estimating that the children seen in these images have to be somewhere around 55 years old now, and he wants to try and find them to reunite them with these memories. You can see more images on his blog. If the people in the photos look familiar, get in touch with him!

[Via ItchyCooPhoto via Reddit]