Panasonic LUMIX this morning made the announcement of a new firmware update that will give three of their cameras a new photographic function called ‘Post Focus,’ and yes it does exactly what it sounds like. The update is free, and allows anyone to capture multiple photos with multiple in focus points through a single release of the shutter.

The operation of Post Focus function is quite simple and easy – set the camera to Post Focus mode, and press the shutter button. The camera automatically “racks” the focus while capturing photos with varied in focus points. During playback, use the touch screen to select the in focus area desired, and save as a separate 8 megapixel photo file.

During the playback time, you can use Focus Peaking, 5x magnified view and fine adjustment functions and the process can be repeated to get multiple images as many times as desired from the original photo.

Panasonic developed the feature for use with non-moving subjects, such as portraits or landscapes (which makes sense, since the way Post Focus works would be impossible if the subject matter moved during the capture of the images).

The Post Focus function will be available on the DMC-GX8, DMC-G7 and DMC-FZ300 by updating to the latest free firmware upgrade, which will be available at GMT 1:00 a.m. on November 25, 2015 at LUMIX Global Customer Support Site: