In the world of photography information is everywhere. Tips, tricks, how to’s and reviews—everyone is searching for a helping hand to guide them through their creative processes. Often, even I find myself asking, ‘What f-stop would be best for this situation?’ or ‘I wonder what the best lens is for less than $500.’ But with the abundance of information and bottomless smorgasbord of new gear, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Thankfully, photographers have turned to Youtube to answer all of these questions in a clear, concise and informative way, eliminating the need to jump from link to link.

Here are 10 Youtube channels (in no particular order) that every photographer, expert or rookie, should follow.

10. Matt Day Photo


Matt Day’s channel is a cornucopia of film photography information. From excellent gear reviews to showing you how to develop film, his channel covers all bases but leans heavily towards film photography. Day even takes suggestions for new videos and has occasional giveaways.


9. The Art of Photography


Ted Forbes is a photographer that seems to have the answer to everything. From contrast to sharpness of photos, Forbes tackles all things technical while remaining simple in his approach. And with over 100 videos, you’re bound to find something that appeals to you.


8. Digital Rev TV


Digital Rev claims the title of the “most subscribed and viewed photography show on the interweb. It’s funny, informative and simply a blast to watch. From top 1o lists to videos titled “Love vs Photography,” Digital Rev shares expert knowledge with a light-hearted and sometimes satirical approach.


7. Phlearn


PhLearn is a how-to bazaar with guides on just about everything you can imagine. In addition to photography tips, they have numerous guides on Photoshop and Lightroom, as well as photo contests. It’s coming up on 40 millions views, and in this case, the numbers don’t lie.


6. Matt Granger


Matt Granger is another channel that covers all bases, from film to digital and buying guides to reviews. With over 60 million views and counting, this is one channel you definitely want to check out.


5. Adorama


Many may recognize Adorama as the respected photography store in Chelsea. However, they also have a Youtube channel with tons of information from photography pros. Their ongoing “Through the Lens” video series profiles various established and up-and-coming photographers.


4. DP Review


DP Review takes a no-nonsense approach to their channel. The channel is very beginner friendly and features numerous guides for photographers who are just starting out. Straight-forward and informative but not too serious, this channel gives you the information you need, even if you’re a seasoned vet.


3. Chase Jarvis


It’s obvious that Chase Jarvis rules. Aside from running CreativeLive, the photo education empire, he flies drones, interviews famous artists and blends polaroid cameras (like, literally puts them in a blender). This channel takes a sort of ‘day in the life of’ approach of this award-winning photographer, but offers great tutorials, reviews and unboxing videos.


2. Big Head Taco


Big Head Taco’s channel has yet to break the 1 million view mark but that doesn’t make it less valuable. Similarly to the other channels, this one features reviews, first impressions and how to’s. His reviews are informative and fun, and his personality is lively. And although he’s only been making videos for one year, he’s built up a solid library so far (*golf clap*).


1. Casey Neistat


Although Casey Neistat doesn’t exclusively discuss photography, he shares his life with us in his videos and daily vlog. With a camera always ready and recording, Neistat takes us from airports to hotels and from beaches to the streets of New York. Within this content, viewers can experience Casey’s “Do More” lifestyle, an attribute that every photographer needs to succeed.