Over the last couple years, Adobe has been working to make collaboration on design projects easier using the Creative Cloud form factor. However, many believe the collaboration tools could be better, allowing for more teams to work in conjunction with each other, on a simple and intuitive platform. Enter Figma, a new digital toolbox developed to make collaboration easier throughout multiple platforms.

Co-founded by 23-year old Dylan Field, Figma hopes to give a full cloud experience to users, showing changes in real time. And Field has gotten some impressive funding for his project, at over $14 million dollars to develop and test the system platform. When developing his system, Field said his major competitor Adobe doesn’t understand collaboration and calling the cloud system Adobe has developed as “cloud in name only”. Figma hopes to change this, by developing the platform specifically with collaboration in mind and working from the ground up on the platform.

The platform chosen for Figma, is available in your browser, allowing a Photoshop-like suite to run with other members of your team collaborating together in real time. The entire process is streamlined, allowing others to make suggestions and edits in live moments, and under a single platform, working with popular messaging services like Slack.

At this time, Figma hopes to have a monthly subscription based model, though a price point for designers and teams hasn’t been decided yet. You can test the platform for free right now, using their free Preview Program. Competition with Goliath-like Adobe will be no easy task, but Figma hopes to pick up steam by being able to collaborate with designers directly for new features and concepts.

[via TechCrunch]