Announced this afternoon, the DJI XT is a new thermal option available for DJI drones and developed by FLIR. When attached to the gimbal system, and then to a DJI Inspire1, the ZenMuse XT allows you to capture thermal infrared scanning at 640/30 fps or 336/60fps. This allows for accurate temperature measurements to be viewed in real time using the DJO Go app. While this product might not be ideal for photographers, it gives a new potential to drones everywhere.

Among those new potentials is search and rescue, fire fighting, power systems inspection and more. With the constant battle of more and more amateurs acting recklessly with their drone systems, DJI aims to show the practical uses of drones, beyond just video and photo. Imagine a community of DJI Inspire1 owners coming together, to help aid in a search and rescue, and the effects that could serve the community of drone pilots. More information on the ZenMuse XT can be seen by clicking here.

[via DJI]