A drone crashed during a World Cup slalom ski race today, nearly colliding with Marcel Hirscher, a skier competing in the race. The drone was carrying a TV camera used to film the competition when it suddenly lost contact with the operator and fell from the sky. Watch the video above (or below) to see the crash happen live, missing Hirscher by only inches. While the skier narrowly avoided the crash, it’s likely that he was hit my small pieces as the drone shattered upon collision.

In a statement by Hirscher, he said, “This is horrible, this can never happen again. This can be a serious injury.”



While this was obviously an accident, it certainly doesn’t bode well with many drone pilots pressuring the FAA to loosen the reigns for drone pilots. Fortunately however, this was the first incident of something like this happening, and no one was hurt from the falling drone.

[via NBC News]