Resource Magazine recently had the opportunity to visit the Your Art Gallery pop-up gallery hosted at the Duggal Visual Solutions retail center in Chelsea, New York. The gallery showcases a handpicked collection of beautiful images created by early adopters of Your Art Gallery, the online platform that connects artists with fine art buyers. It is the website’s first physical gallery, designed to simulate the immersive online art experience that the brand is creating.

For photographers and artists, Your Art Gallery offers an easy way to have your work seen and purchased: simply upload an image, set your price, and they take care of sizing, printing, framing and shipping based on the buyer’s specifications. The pop-up exhibition in Duggal focuses more on promoting the artists and their work than the Your Art Gallery brand itself.

D Train NYC Subway Car_Matt Petosa

“D Train NYC Subway Car” ©Matt Petosa

The featured images are integrated wall-to-wall throughout Duggal’s already impressive space, from immediately to the left of both the retail and headquarters entrances to behind the consultancy counter and along the windows. There are 11 photographs and one digitally reproduced painting, each equally “wow”-worthy in its own right.

Rooftop View of NYC_Malike Sidibe

“Rooftop View of NYC” ©Malike Sidibe

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the gallery is the quality and authenticity of the prints. Duggal serves as the official printing and fulfillment partner to Your Art Gallery, making industry-leading printing, framing and mounting services immediately accessible to visual creatives around the world while also ensuring that buyers get a museum-grade product.

Autumn Around Us_Marko Radovanovic

“Autumn Around Us” ©Marko Radovanovic

“Your Art Gallery takes the leg-work and logistics challenges out of having a gallery exhibition, enabling artists to instead host their own online gallery 24/7 on a reputable platform,” said Kathryn Kram, Content Coordinator for Your Art Gallery. “The best way to illustrate that concept was to create an actual gallery space where professionals, semi-professionals, amateurs, students, and enthusiasts could display their work to real people who aren’t hesitant to buy artwork they like.”

Colorful NYC Bike_Jason Johnson

“Colorful NYC Bike” ©Jason Johnson

A basic Your Art Gallery membership is free, with two tiers of paid memberships also available. A gold membership costs $4.99 per month and allows artists to upload their work to two categories, while a $9.98 per month platinum membership grants three categories and up to 100 images uploads. Essentially, the paid options make the artist more visible in searches.

Morning in Dark Blue Colors_Jevgenij Scolokovs

“Morning in Dark Blue Colors” ©Jevgenij Scolokovs

Fiona Sheridan, Head of Customer Service for Your Art Gallery, said both the online platform and pop-up gallery have been received well by the art community.

“We have quite a few users and supporters who are driving Your Art Gallery’s growth. People are also enjoying our social media content. They’re tagging us in photos on Instagram, and sharing their Your Art Gallery profiles on Twitter and Facebook,” Sheridan said. “We’re even seeing some users operating their page as their own personal store. It’s all really exciting to see and be a part of.”

Artist Michael Jinks, whose image of the Eiffel Tower is featured in the pop-up gallery, shared his enthusiasm and gratitude for the opportunity.

Le Eiffel Tower_Michael Jinks

“Le Eiffel Tower” ©Michael Jinks

“Every experience I have had with Your Art Gallery has been professional and extremely helpful,” Jinks said. “I have even sold one of my pictures already. And sales aside, it’s fun to share my eye and passion for photography with a wider audience.”

The Your Art Gallery pop-up gallery is on display at Duggal Visual Solutions (29 West 23rd St.) through Jan. 31, 2016. We highly encourage you to check it out, and to also visit their website,