During this time of year, the word “winter” and “idle” pretty much seem to have the same definition. People tend to avoid absolute contact with the cold or snow as much as they can. Yet, when you think about it, winter is a gateway to new adventures and activities. It changes our landscape so that we can experience things differently for the short time being. Winter opens opportunities to snowboard and ski which are such dynamic and visually engaging sports.  It drastically changes the landscape to the point where some will call it a “winterscape” instead.

Still unmotivated ? Still want to stay inside ? Here’s 20 motivating photos to get you outside in that once thought frozen hell and instead be doing and shooting cool things–literally.

1. You can learn how to ski. 

13229908703_43af9f94da_o©Zach Dischner via Flickr

2. How about snowboarding ? 

12797866495_e8c19ed791_o©The Camp of Champions Snowboard & Ski Summer Camp via Flickr

3. You could learn how to do this. 


4. Or this. 

6947895887_4a37af3af6_o©John Lemieux via Flickr

5. If physical activities aren’t your thing there’s always snowmobiles.

16130610421_cd930f5920_o©Mauro Piovani via Flickr

6. But imagine looking at that view from the top of the slope. 

16017616979_9d19b06786_o©Skistar via Flickr

7. The view from the bottom is pretty cool too. 

15545329174_365e30d325_o©Adrian Kingsley-Hughes via Flickr

8. Hiking adventures are always a possibility. 

Winter Drive©Wayne Stadler via Flickr

9. You could visit a snow covered town. 

13539944705_8d443135db_o©Giandomenico Jardella via Flickr

10. Take a nice stroll through the forrest.  


11. Or maybe just through park will suffice.  

16191365487_f26234f49e_o©Anthony Quintano via Flickr

12. If these dogs can enjoy winter, you can too.  

11753655216_5da1f60eb6_o©Vernon Chen via Flickr

13. How about a snowball fight in Times Square ? 

4204916942_9309ff742c_o©Dan Nguyen via Flickr

14. It’s a winter wonderland out there. 


15. Traveling through an ice cavern is a cool adventure. 

13391647495_94118f8b9a_o©Jesús Rodríguez Fernández via Flickr

16. Just be careful of the icicles though.  


17. Feeling a bit more winterly yet ? 

16638103175_4f509b8464_o©James West via Flickr

18. Just imagine all the adventures you could be having. 


19. Already enjoy the winter ? Maybe it’s time to take it to the next level.  

8357099350_8664428d6f_o©Patrick Lewis via Flickr

20.  Too much ? Maybe we’ll take it down a notch and we can just play with some snow.